This American Perspective

The state visit of President Hu (see Abbott and Costello) to Washington highlights a critically important and complex relationship the U.S. must engage in the 21st century.
Many pundents, of course, have weighed in on this matter. But nearly all I think, have missed the really big picture. That is to say, the Chinese are truly reinventing a broad-based capitalist economy.
Just last week, a major Massachusetts solar energy company announced they were closing up shop and moving to China. Sadly, the U.S. plant was built in 2009 and employed over 800 people.
Why then the move from a state of the art facility? Is the cost of labor here too high? No, not according to corporate executives. The reason they are setting sail is because the Chinese government is paying for plant construction and all start up costs. They are also taking a major financial stake in the company. So the risk to ownership is relatively small and they are assured they are moving to a country that insists on being on the cutting edge of this emerging energy technology.
Back in the good old U.S.A., we’ve recently had most members of the Republican party go into near epileptic level fit around a temporary government bailout of a failing auto industry. Imagine how recalcitrant the members of each political party might be around a new form of successful capitalism in which the central government is permanently invested in businesses small and conglomerate.
I envision the current crop of Republicans simply dropping dead clutching their fading copies of Adam Smith. Most Democrats would be loading up on the Prozak.
Yes, we are talking about a revolution for this century. It’s not the Chinese “cultural revolution.” Instead it is the more formidable and portable economic revolution. The newest model going forward is governemnt-private enterprise partnership.
Needless to say this model will take forever to catch on in the United States. Too bad. In the next few years if not decades, our stubborness will cost our country millions of jobs.
The Chinese are not alone in this government business investment model. Just the most broad-based.
Brazil, for example, ten years ago went into the sugar ethanol business and today, their automobiles use no petroleum whatsoever. A huge win for that fast developing country. Still, it is the Chinese who have adopted full scale government investment across nearly their entire economic environ.
More than a decade ago, it was strict conservative dogma that with emerging capitalism, China would be forced toward a more open and humanitarian society. Wrong.
Today, we are told that even temporary government economic investment in our major industries will weaken our competitive advantage. We will go along with this nonsense at our peril.

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This American Perspective

I’m new to blogging and it still feels uncomfortable. My latest high tech gaget is my wonderful “Princess Phone.”

I love it for its apps. It has two. First, it has touch tone. None of that old fashioned rotary dial business for me. Secondly, the touch pad lights up. How cool is that? Very cool it turns out.

  The other night we had a power outage. Pitch black. Nothing happening except for my phone service. So, when I picked up the receiver to call the power company, that pad lit right up. I had blessed light. My sweet princess saved me. Not only could I get the power crew to our street, but now I could find my candle (not Kindle). I could go all Abe Lincoln and read by candle light. Three hous of bliss. Ahhh.

I’m one who does have a cell phone I carry in the car in case I brake down. I don’t know my own number and I don’t care. Being tethered to it all impinges upon my very sanity. I need to control my time and space.

   This blog then is a real leap of faith. It don’t come easy. But together great world out there, we’re on our way.


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This American Perspective

I observe that some of our fellow countrymen are going down the rabbit hole scape goating yet again. You’d think by now in American history that this prediliction would be considered, well, trite.
Unfortunately, the new “it” group are those who believe in the ancient religion of Islam.
In the earliest days of our republic, the “it” group were Catholics. Thus the stregth of character of General George Washington bidding farewell to his troops in a Catholic church.
Then it was, “no Irish need apply.” Later, “no WOP’s (without papers) need apply.” “No Jews or dogs allowed” referred to jobs and lack of housing opportunity. We don’t even want to spend an encyclopedia’s length of time on “no colored….”
Yes, on 9/11/2001, our country was attacked. We were attacked by the insane. But, we were not attacked by Islam. We were attacked by a few who claimed pure Islam (it’s always pure something) as their motivation. No, they’re just insane.
President Bush knew better. After the attack, he included an Imam in worship service at National Cathedral. He was right to do so.
This problem seems to go deeper even than the cultural center/mosque debate in New York. This new fear/hatred of anything Islamic by some demonstrates a basic misunderstanding of the ongoing American experiment.
A basic truth remains: the more culturally pluralistic our country is, the healthier and stronger we become. It always has and hopefully always will.
To those who politically or financially profit from fanning the flames of fear and seperation, I say SHAME. You are weakening our country. You are aiding and abetting Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qeda recruiters. Our intolerance just feeds their propoganda machine which 24/7 screams that Americans and Judeo/Christians are on a “crusade” to destroy Islam. Nice going Newt. Nice going Sarah. Even if your statements are un-American. That’s right, I said, un-American.
I didn’t say you were anti-American. You probably do still love the U.S.A.. I hope so. But, by ramping up the fear and loathing and making Arab-Americans the “other,” you are first sapping our country’s spiritaul strength. Also, you are making our people more vulnerable to another attack. Thanks for hurting us.
Let’s all take a breadth. Let’s all be good Americans together. Let’s take the time to learn the beauty of each other’s culture and traditions. For starters, we can Google the moral teachings and celebrations of the holy month of Ramadan. That would be a great place to start.
Let’s explore and not abhor. It is past time to reweave the beautiful American tapestry.

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This American Perspective

I am saddened that there are so many headline grabbing politicos who are glomming on to and spreading falsehoods about the supposedly dangerous “mosque” being contemplated for ground zero, WTC.
It really bespeaks to fear mongoring and xenophobia of the worst kind.
The supposed mosque in question is actually an cultural center with a proposed basketball court and swimming pool. Rooms for arts and crafts too. Yes, it will contain a room for prayer. It will also contain a room which honors all who lost their lives when the madmen flew into the World Trade Center.
What’s really upsetting is that much of the political class seems to purposely overlook what is truly great about The United States of America.
Our country has always thrived on diversity and a permission to worship openly as we please. To single out the practice of Islam as somehow aberant or dangerous is disengenuous to the basic tenents of one of the world’s great religions.
We can count on the ambulence chasers like Gingrich et. al. to fan the fear flames. We can also count on many Dems starting with Reticent Obama and Sen. Harry Reid to immediately assume fetal position fearing Republican attack. But, what about the rest of us? Being trite but still…what about We The People?
I’m convinced most of the citizenry gets it that to encourage and demonstrate religious tolerance is the very best of who we are as a people. Building said cultural center makes the job of Al Queda recruiters a nightmare. Good.
Not building the center on the site of an abandoned coat factory two blocks from ground zero, makes our country far more vulnerable to another attack.
One more thing; I’ve read that half Governor Palin wrote that if a cultural center run by Islamic moderates were so great, why didn’t they help prevent 9/11? I don’t know half Governor. If Christian churches were so valuable, why didn’t they prevent mid-twentieth century lynchings of African Americans in the south? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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